Activate Your Account

You will need to activate it by following the steps below.

For Existing XM Clients

Step 1: Link your MT4 account to XM Live Trading Room
Log into your XM Client Portal and follow the steps below on how to link your MT4 account to XM Live Trading Room.
Step 2: Fund your existing XM Account
You don't have to wait for your new XM MT4 account to be created before you fund. Once you've funded, head over to step 3 and let us know - we'll grant you early access into XM Live Trading Room.

For Non-XM Clients

Step 1: Open your XM Live Account
Click on the link below to open your XM Live Account. Once you are done, return to this page and finish step 2.
Step 2: Fund your new Axi Account
After your account is approved, fund your new XM account before heading over to step 3.
Step 3: XM Live Trading Room Account Activation Request